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Drumsticks 5B

Drumsticks 5B
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  • Model: Model 5B
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Unique product - Worldwide
Identical playing behavior as a standard drumstick
Swiss quality
Made in Switzerland - with attention to detail
10 color modules per drumstick
Luminosity with double LED - Visible up to 500m
Developed by professionals - for professionals
Over 15 years of development - guaranteed top quality

Drumsticks 5B

Our brand new model in 2018. Model 5B has been developed for harder drumming staff. Its playing area is in fields like Rock and Fusion or even for Funk. 
Groove it - yeah!!

// Ten LED colour modes in a single drumstick, with a range of colour effects 
// 360° visual impact, thanks to nylon end lens 
// mTouch capacitive switching
// Integrated charging indicator
// Micro USB Y-cable for charging, with operating indicator
// Visible at distances up to 500 m
// Up to 3h illumination time (depending on colour selected) when fully charged
// Can be charged any time, any place, from Laptop/PC/iCharger or power bank 

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Length16 1/3"
QualityPremium U.S hickory
TipBarrel tip
Charger cableIncl. Y-USB charger cable 1.5m