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Drumsticks 5A

Drumsticks 5A
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  • Model: Model 5A
  • Weight: 62.00g
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Unique product - Worldwide
Identical playing behavior as a standard drumstick
Swiss quality
Made in Switzerland - with attention to detail
10 color modules per drumstick
Luminosity with double LED - Visible up to 500m
Developed by professionals - for professionals
Over 15 years of development - guaranteed top quality

Drumsticks 5A

The model: 5A thrills Pete Ray Biggin (Level 42, Chaka Khan, Incognito) or Jojo Mayer (Nerve) to mention a few drumming stars.

// Ten LED colour modes in a single drumstick, with a range of colour effects 
// 360° visual impact, thanks to nylon end lens 
// mTouch capacitive switching
// Integrated charging indicator
// Micro USB Y-cable for charging, with operating indicator
// Visible at distances up to 500 m
// Up to 3h illumination time (depending on colour selected) when fully charged
// Can be charged any time, any place, from Laptop/PC/iCharger or power bank 

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Length16 1/3"
QualityPremium U.S hickory
TipBarrel tip
Charger cableIncl. Y-USB charger cable 1.5m