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Ian Paice (Deep Purple)

Ian Paice (Deep Purple)
In the days of Deep Purple, Ian Paice preferred Ludwig's drums in various foil colours. At first he played in the configuration with bass drum, hanging tom, two stand-toms, snare, hi-hat and four cymbals, two of which were usually mounted on a stand, including the additional small splash cymbal. Paice had also mounted a cowbell. Later, he played a Ludwig drum set, replacing the one Hängetom with six Concert-Toms (without resonance heads) and positioning the Splash cymbal on the bass drum. Especially at Deep Purple's live gigs Ian Paice could prove his drumming skills, for example in the songs Mandrake Root, The Mule or Space Truckin'.
Ian Paice, one of the few renowned left-handed drummers, is known for his preference for large dimensions. For example, he uses 26" bass drums or a 24" crash cymbal.
Ian Paice is left-handed and his drums are mirrored accordingly. Paice is also known for his fast playing. For a long time there was even a rumour that he played the intro of Fireball with a bass drum. Ian Paice countered this with a laugh in interviews. During the studio recordings a bass drum from Keith Moon's set of The Who stood around. He added it to the set and recorded the piece with double bass, because according to his own statements he could realize the speed, but not the necessary pressure and thus the full sound with one foot. So a second bass drum was added live for only a few tracks. Ian Paice has been using a double bass drum pedal made by Pearl since the 1990s.
From the 1980s Ian Paice switched to Pearl drums, his cymbals are from Paiste since the 60s.
The Rolling Stone listed Paice in 21st place among the 100 best drummers of all time.
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