With the launch of the SwissCovid App we started a campaign to make it known. Since then, the number of downloads and active apps has steadily increased. A recent population survey shows that the app is mainly used out of solidarity.  

The SwissCovid app, the official tracing app of the Swiss Confederation for cell phones (Android/iPhone), was launched on June 25, 2020, accompanied by the information campaign "How to protect ourselves". Since then, the number of active apps has been rising continuously. Currently, 1.52 million people use the SwissCovid App.

SwissCovid App is used out of solidarity

At the end of July, Demoscope and the Sotomo research center on our behalf interviewed the population for the fifth time in connection with the prevention measures for the new coronavirus. The results provide information about the level of information, attitudes and behavior of the population in connection with the coronavirus.

Regarding the SwissCovid App, both people who actively use the App and those who have not installed the App were asked about their motives. The most important reason given by users for activating the SwissCovid App is solidarity. They want to contribute to the containment of the spread of the new coronavirus. The results also show that the satisfaction of the app users is high. Both the installation process and the way it works are experienced as simple and clearly understandable. Error messages or incomprehensible notifications hardly ever occur. The vast majority of users would recommend the SwissCovid App to others.

According to the study there is no dominant reason for not using the app. Reasons of medium importance are lack of confidence in data security, a fundamental lack of interest or doubts about the effectiveness of the App. After all, 40 percent of this group stated that a strong increase in infections with the new coronavirus could encourage them to use the SwissCovid App.

Awareness of the information campaign high

Although the general situation has changed significantly since March 2020, awareness of our information campaign is still very high. The level of information about the rules of conduct and hygiene has remained high over the past few months.

Increasing distribution of hygiene masks

Compared to earlier measurements, hygiene masks have become more firmly anchored in the population's consciousness as a preventive measure. At the end of July, the wearing of masks by more than four out of five people is spontaneously mentioned as a measure to contain the new coronavirus. The distribution of masks in public places has also increased significantly since April 2020. While at the end of April only 16 percent stated that they wore their masks at least partially in public places, by the end of July 2020 this figure had risen to 45 percent - despite the fact that people were specifically asking about wearing masks outside public transport.

Concerns on the rise again for the first time

From the first survey at the end of March until the last one, the population continuously rated the current situation as less threatening. With the renewed rise in the number of cases, a slight increase in concern is now becoming apparent for the first time. In contrast, the interest in information has normalized compared to the initial phase of the coronavirus pandemic. In addition, between March and July, the confidence in all the organizations and groups of people questioned with regard to information on the new coronavirus decreased.